Late Orpheus and Recent Eurydice
Beth Roberts
Now here is how we choose our way:
equal attention to purchasing--the car,
the christening dress, the wind-up
parking goddess--more than enough
supplied to what demands all this.

All this to get back. Daily we pay out
humility to surmise, respect to progress
love to the far-flung. Fine-tuned we are
to balance, synchronizing steps, all
the right steps, all together now . . .

We play our song, it keeps us going.)
You be Hi and I'll be Yo / you're behind
and I'm beyond / in between's
a bond . . .

Still (stunned by what's possible, besotted
with the daily fare, we suspect it is enough
for now, being kind) and blind,
gazing differently at profiles
on the coins we have for eyes.