A Thing of Beauty
Beth Roberts
Where did we put that beautiful thing,
now we need it? All of a sudden,
sodden with time and hosting some
emissary of disease or worse,
yes now, we're desirous of that thing,
surely it wasn't the imagination.

Let's look through the house of memory,
but look, already it's built of cards.
We'll look at the cards, then, the moon,
the fool, the hanging man! Let's go outside,
something was out here under the sun,
a thing of beauty, growing from your hand.

or purchased through your spending, or made,
or found, outside the machination. It's possible
there is no word for it. You sit and wait, then.
I'll go find a field, and fold the field in two.
All the beautiful things therein I'll pour
into the smaller fold of you.