february 4. More interesting people I have nothing to do with may be accessed here. Also visit the three, that is, one, two, three, preceding pages. Also someone that is someone I don't know left a message in the ghostbook guestbook and that is certainly a kind of website milestone. Also we went to see that Crouching Tiger movie that was good and then afterward outside there was Erika with some friends and there were Jackie and Lynn. february 15. Dag, I feel I'm letting you down by not appearing here more often, and I speak to you directly, sir, because while I am not certain you are the only person who reads this page, and its brothers that have gone before, I have no reason to believe otherwise. So here I am. I should be doing something else though. Time is flying and we are about to go on tour again way too soon for the work I have to do first but it's always that way. I will be updating the webworld from The Road; look for my very special and possibly untrustworthy tour diary coming soon. (You can see it now, but there's nothing much to see.) Loaded up the hard drive with lots of Françoise Hardy and Keren Ann's awesome la biographie de Luka Philipsen. I go I go the 24 of February, get back in April, not counting the Knitting Factory (L.A. branch) shows on the 2 and 3 of March. Until then and then and during and after you can find me here. february 17. Here's a link to the AbbyTravis.com website; you can find me playing varispeeded mandolin on track 2 of her CD album Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop produced (and performed upon) by ex-Mump Kristian Hoffman which has been out for awhile I guess but I just saw it for the first time the other day. Visit this page why don't you to learn more about this aspect of ME. Abby's not like most of us -- she has a logo. I notice she's going out on tour with Kristian and that Phil Parlapiano will be copping those mandolin parts. Not only can Phil kick my ass musically but his website's tons more professional than mine. More John Wembley Harding tour dates have come in, meanwhile, and the new diary page is being painted and the floors sanded for imminent occupancy. The newsboy image there I swiped from Mr. Paul Feig, who hasn't updated his page since September 24, 1999. february 23. Leaving tomorrow for rockville. Follow along in the tour dairy. The cow goes moo. Last night we ate at the sushi place on Larchmont the good one and who was there but Gary and Corinne gosh it was good to see them. Then on the street we passed some dude on a cell phone, saying, "I just sat next to Paul McCartney at dinner," but where was that? Paul not in evidence. I did see Madonna on Larchmont once, she was wearing a leather suit, and there's always someone you've seen on a sitcom coming into the Cafe du Village. John Malkovich I saw once sitting in the window at Starbucks. Okay I'm going now I have a lot of work to do before morning. Check this out though, it's Gavin's literary wonderland and a portal to all things Kelly Link. february 24. ON TOUR.

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