4-11. Hello here I am. More in a minute. Okay I'm back now. Trip home from tour unexpectedly eventful, snowed back down the mountain to wait out the night in Ashland, OR. Tourmind slight return last night at hometown Knitting Factory (L.A. branch) for Soft Boys/Young Fresh Fellows, Kev and Kirk there too. 4-15. Back from Watsonville today. Going to London tomorrow. I'll tell you about that when I get back knock wood. 4-22. Back from London and it was a nice clear though not crystal clear day to return to Los Angeles, coming down La Brea from Stocker the hills there all green with mustardy wildflowers or weeds maybe it was mustard actually and purple something too, the California colors, with the big basin all unfolding out before me. Sometimes you come home it's smoggy, and that's not nice. You just want to go away again. Then I went to Larchmont for takeaway as they say in England sushi and saw Martha and that was a nice bit of coincidence.