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5-21. Wow. Sorry. Haven't kept up. Not that it matters, I mean is this for anyone really but me? And Dag. Who reads this? Except Dag? Not that Dag doesn't matter. Dag matters. Three quarters of the way through May already. What's up? Sat in w/ Kelly Hogan here in the Los Angeles. Playing w/ Amy Rigby next month (The Mint, June 14). Several updates to the miscellaneous engagments page but you'd have to be me to know what they are. Nevertheless have a look. Haven't written up the England trip, will I ever? Going to Chicago/Ann Arbor/Toronto in June for last blast/gasp of Rad Gents, will post specifics anon. Jeroen and Thessa in town tomorrow. Some bug crawling on window. There's a picture of Deirdre. Kelly Link was here w/ nice Australian friend Justine, her new book is done and made w/ pretty cover pic painted by Shelley, I was impressed. We walked a long time down Ventura Boulevard (heading west)(then east). Well that is something for you to chew on now. 5-27. Lyrics to "Coins" by the Lopez Beatles or actually by Lloyd Ehrenberg's junior high school rock band but later extensively performed by the Lopez Beatles from Echo Park California now available to peruse and reflect upon. Also those of "Girlorama" by the Lopez Beatles from Echo Park California. David and Carole and Alexander are coming over to barbecue. It's a holiday weekend don't you know. 5-28. Lyrics to "Independence Hall, Buena Park" and "Rancher Steve" added to the Lopez Beatles pages.

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