1. Going to Chicago now. Then Ann Arbor then Toronto. Then Chicago. 10. Went to Chicago. Then Ann Arbor. Then Toronto. Then back to Chicago. Then back home from the home away from home in time for backyard bbq w/ Karin Andy Scott and Sarah of course brilliant as always w/ the comestibles. 14. Fixed links on, added squares to the Friends page. Changed the counter page too the other day did you notice? Is it time for more iced coffee? I think it is even though it's 1:45 a.m. and cool. Playing w/ Amy Rigby tonight at The Mint come see me forget the songs. The trash was heavy this evening. 18. Amy again, recording a song in Glendale. And Tony was there and Paul was there and Kip was there and Mark whose studio it was was there. Car blows hot air at me always, must fix. 28. Went and saw Neko singing in the New Pornographers. Liked it! Bought merch. Ian Hunter in the house, saw him but did not recognize him, was pointed out to me. Neko brought rough of Chicago kitchen recordings, heretofore unmentioned in this space. Now home drinking tea and downloading Jack Benny off the internet.

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