0054 hrs. Hot. Column not done. Hot. It's hot. Should I turn in? Should I turn in now? Should I? Should? I?
1640 hrs. Then in the morning it was overcast and cool. And now it's hot again. Sat in David/Carole's yard watching kids get wet, dog go wild. Now here. Later: there. More Lopez Beatles lyrics for you all: TWHMTC, and that ice cream truck song.
0652 hrs. More backyarding last night chez les Koneff. Saw the big country club fireworks from afar but near afar. Little illegal fireworks seen even closer. Up and down the smokey street. Then up until now. Morning now. Light out. Bird tweet. No sleep. There is Elsa on a box, shedding. Coffee in my future? Back to work.
The 50th anniversary of my parents Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd. Wondrous and strange.
The Neko kitchen recording is covered at length on rollingstone.com.
A perfectly perfect spider web in the kitchen window. Sarah made peach ice cream, planted real vegetable plants in the courtyard treeless since beginning of summer. Thumbtacked last note from Deirdre (re Paris hotels) to homeoffice wall. Last night went downtown for groovy free music show took subway back. I am barefoot.
0154 hrs. CVS in town Saturday for IPO thingy. Who should come walking down Melrose Avenue but Dave Rave. Wednesday Week too on bill, Heidi Kristi Kelly looking like not a minute has passed in umpteen (exactly) years. Mrs. Callen who was Ma Kent in the house I mean the club. Then Sunday morning in the yard with the neighbors and the old neighbors eating waffles and such. Then Sunday afternoon at Steve and Mary's the new house with the Silverlake view for the Steve and Linda party and Kevin there and Kirk there and Gary there and Gary there and Shelley there and Chris there and Tom and Suzanne there and Willie and Giovanni there and some people I didn't know there and I ate too much too fast and Sarah picked plums. And Dennis there. But not the Dennis girls, a disappointment. But the only disappointment. Friendly loveliness and excellent weather. Stayed late. Now is the next day or really the day after the next day technically but not practically. Bedtime!

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