2. Mandolin-banjo-piano session for Mike Andrews (Freaks & Geeks music guy) in the a.m.: Disney snowboard comedy. It was just jamming really. Nice guy cute dog. Franklin (a street) was all torn up, so was Padre Terrace. There was a big big hole right in front of the house a big big hole in the street you couldn't drive over you'd fall right in. We're going to New York, the city of. 27. We went to the city of New York City and saw Karen and Dave and Loretta and Freddie and Loretta and Kelly and Gavin and Wes and Shelley and Barb and Valerie and Nels who was visiting too though visiting to play and Bill and it was hot everyone said so because it was and we saw Rokia Traore for Sarah's work and there was Chris from Buffalo Tom who was on a bill with us once in Boston and works for Concerted Efforts like Mike does but Mike was away and Chris was in from Boston and I saw Nels play at Tonic and we saw the 60s mod a go go Avengers version of Much Ado About Nothing and Valerie cut my hair and we went to the Natural History Museum with Karen and Dave and Loretta where they have pond creatures made of glass none of it in the above order and then we went on the train to Montauk for Karin and Andy's wedding which was rained in but the barbecues fore and aft were not and met some new nice people and spent too much money and went on a paddle boat in a pond and finally had to rent a car because Montauk was driving us crazy and saw some other places out there, Sag Harbor and Amagansett and the oldest lighthouse in New York which we went up to the top of and let me tell you that is one expensive place eastern Long Island you could go to Paris for the money you spend there and then we took the train back to Jamaica Queens and then took a shuttle to the airport and then took an airplane to Las Vegas where we were stuck all night as our airplane was late for the other airplane and to kill time we wandered the wee-hour Strip in a state of extreme exhaustion (you can't sleep in a Starbucks not when it's in a casino at any rate).