9. Busy. Haven't been here much. Look not even coding this in any interesting way. Been editing big old Weekly special issue, due out 9/21. 9/20 actually but officially 9/21. Netscape for some reason eating up my desktop so I'm updating here from a portable. It's midnight, now it's 9/10. Bob Dylan I can hear him in the other room. Will be reviewing. Watch this space or the Weekly. This is a stopgap I guess. Or maybe not. 11. Up. Not at an unusual hour (2:07 a.m.) only unusual in that I tried to go to sleep at a reasonable time and failed. Big old Weekly special issue begins actual production 9/12 but it's been a summerlong project already. In one week I am free. Happily I have made a page for the David tour. I think perhaps we have had an earthquake just now. A little shudder ran through the house. Sunday we had one I was hard at work on the big old special issue in the little room on the ground floor in the back then there was an earthquake then a big little one or perhaps a little big one. I went with Bill and Dana to get coffee. Hollywood Blvd. full of tourists but no panic in the streets.