January 2002.

1-7. Working out bugs, shifting to new not necessarily superior systems. Updating slowly; Weekly links brought up to date. Off tour. More soon.
1-10. Reading: Or actually read: Penelope Fitzgerald: The Bookshop, Gate of Angels, The Beginning of Spring. Gita Mehta: A River Sutra. First 3 Lemony Snickets. Getting my head around the new disimproved Netscape Composer. Wearing no shoes in Southern California.
1-11. Teeth cleaned. Added epilogical information to the fall tour diary. This new Netscape Composer does things all wrong, but the old one won't work anymore and I'm too cheap to spring for some pro program. Let the people use the available tools. Given time I can outsmart this thing -- I think.
1-13. Added recently discovered additional fragment to fragmentary Violent Femmes interview. Added Neko's Canadian Amp to the discography.
1-14. Revived dead links on this page and also this page of interesting persons; added a couple of new ones on this other one. Jennifer Rae Atkins, who did the fantastic cover for CVS's "2-Cute" EP, has a new website you might find interesting; I added a link to it here.
1-16. Added Critical List R.E.M. review (1987) and Wild Seeds review (1988) to review section.
1-26. Heads up: Will be accompanying Mr. Gary Eaton February 21 at the Hot Wired Cafe, 11651 Riverside Dr., "Valley Village" (North Hollywood to you); also will accompany Mr. Steve Wynn February 9 at (I think) 1650, which used to be Club Vinyl, at 1650 Schrader (which used to be Hudson) in Hollywood, which might have used to be something else but which has been Hollywood for a long long time. Part of the DIY festival.
1-27. Raining. Added 3 pictures to the Fall Tour Diary (more to come).
1-28. I have been thinking about Deirdre (I stole this picture Deirdre of her from some other web site) and realized it is almost exactly a year since she disappeared from the world. Well I am sad. Added more pictures to the abovementioned tour diary. If you just want to see pictures just pictures you can always click to this page. If you want to. Finished two more Penelope Fitzgerald novels, now there is only At Freddie's left. Listening to the Delgados. About to listen to the Swimming Pool Q's' "The Deep End" reissue that Jeff Calder apparently had sent to me. Today it didn't rain. Sat in my car around the corner from Larchmont and made cell phone calls and watched big clouds move fast. Then had coffee, then bought books, then the moon was up and the clouds were illuminated torn paper.
1-29. Finished photoillustrating the Tour Diary, go look again. Listening to Eugenius whatever became of them. Before that, Fastbacks. Cat on lap. Finished The Miserable Mill. Going to dinner later. I like having that picture of Deirdre there.

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