feb. 3 Added old Westways touring story to the essay group. Sarah and Karin are in the courtyard planting. You can do that here in February. Somewhere men are playing football but I don't care.
feb. 5 Up all night (we have got to 5:57 a.m. PST) writing new nonTV column. Watch this space and the old L.A. Weekly. Listening to Nick Cave which is not a good idea right now, I will put a sock in him. Added another Westways piece involving cars and guitars but not what you think. Includes stuff they cut for space.
feb. 7 More old crap for your surfin pleasure: liner notes written for Criterion/Voyager laserdiscs long ago in the age of laserdiscs (evolutionarily unsuccessful). Editing done on first of new Weekly column (out one week from today). Steve coming over to rehearse for Saturday; must vacuum, listen to songs, finish grapefruit.
feb. 8 Bart Simpson cereal is something I bought last night. Caffeined myself out of a headache this morning. Lunched w/ Doug in a Japanese way then walked (by way of kosher candy store, no purchases) to la escuela de Franny where Erika was surprisingly. There will be two dragons and the teacher needs a stapler that works and a black marker -- she doesn't have a black marker. And then to 7-Eleven (ah I said the smell of the convenience store) and then home to fix bad pix or rather bad linx to pix on the last Tour Dairy (why did someone not tell me -- because no one has seen it, that would be the likely answer) and they should work now.
feb. 10 Sunday morning Sunday morning. Jury duty tomorrow but for now I am barefoot and preshaven. Francoise again singing and here is Sarah walking in the front door. Baum baum baum Francoise is singing. I hear the espresso machine espressing itself. Found old scrap reporting on last year's summer trip to Chicago>Ann Arbor>Toronto, completed it, posted it. We are going to David and Carole's for (more) coffee they are laying patio bricks. Meanwhile english muffins. Finished The Comedians (Greene), Herczog (Bellow), reading Down and Out in Paris and London (Orwell).  Rocked the mandolin/accordion hier soir avec SW. Girl w/ deep Irish accent: It was magical she said (of performance), and I wanted to say -ly delicious. Someone had a puppy.
feb. 14 Love day. Sarah phoned cellularly from the streets of Savannah where she waylaid a barbershop quartet for transcontinental harmony of love. Talked to Syd I am going to go sit-in mandolin with her new pickup thing at the Knitting Factory this night. First new column out now. Lunch with Randy back from driving around the West.
feb. 15 Another half day in jury duty purgatory, no trial yet though I did at least spend time in a courtroom. The judge had an intimidating glass eye it looked at you even when he didn't. It was fun w/ Syd even if not brilliantly attended, that girl is born to entertain. Of course she is a friend of Dag which fact was recalled. Went over before the show to the new mall w/ S. and Willie and Giovanna and D.J. there was some sort of premiere going on it made traffic a nightmare on the way to the club we watched it from an overpass it was a low-level low-energy short-on-spectators premiere or so it seemed as we stood there watching briefly notwithstanding the many limos parked across the street and the dude in a shirt with a heart on it who wouldn't stop posing for cameras (who was he I don't know) and then a couple of goodlooking Hollywood girls but nobody obviously, in the somebody sense, they just walked in, no one clicked.
feb. 16 Well blow me down that was no Hollywood premiere getting in our face Thursday night it was a big tribute to Bono U2, I just read it about it all on the online. The REMs were there and the No Doubts and Tom Cruise. Dave Navarro with wife Carmen Electra! Evan and Jaron! (Evan and Jaron?!) I guess we should have gawked a little longer. We might have seen Cher I was in her house when I was 11 or 12 and she still had the bellbottoms and bangs, I wonder does she remember. Or Peter I could have waved to him as he walked down the red carpet and he could have snuck us in the back for champagne and shrimp canapes. Or not. We had our own job to do our own rock to rock. It's not all just about the superstars this music thing. You know. Today I made some turkey bacon and burned some english muffins. I am thinking about coffee now. Finished that Orwell book, read Hard Boiled Wonderland And the End of the World (Murakami) and half of Thunderball and half of Steppenwolf. (D.J. likes to read we discussed Penelope Fitzgerald briefly.)
feb. 20 Still dangling on the jury on-call hook. But done w/ column 2. (Out in one week.) Listening to PJ Harvey bootleg bought in Boston last fall on tour that was quite a tour for the record buying I almost bought more tonight but the parking the traffic around Amoeba was messed up messy posted impossible and I went home instead. And I'd like to ask am I now the only one who takes down the trash cans around here.  Polly Jean is sounding very heavy. Finished Steppenwolf and Thunderball, reading Siddhartha ($1.50 in the Dover Thrift addition, less than the coffee espresso drink I bought on the way home, a pleasure to pay it), I Claudius and Live And Let Die. Cat bell noise. Added ancient Michael Jackson review to the musty old (but everexpanding) popwriting archives. Playing with Gary tomorrow at the Hot Wired Cafe in North Hollywood (soi disant Valley Village) if you read this please come. Cat scratch blinds noise.
feb. 21 or 22 really. Back from the Valley and playing with Gary you should have come oh why did you not come. Well perhaps you did. You should have said hello Oh why did you not say hello. Well perhaps you did. Biker crowd but coffeedrinking biker crowd. Some Weekly people. Robbie Rist on bass in a Poptopia t-shirt. It's hot here. It's like summertime. Home in time to see the last of those figger skaters and the big upset. I will probably read some more of Live And Let Die before I go to sleep you know it's nothing like the movie. (Unlike Thunderball which was very much like the movie.) Alison says I Claudius is sad but I will read it anyway notwithstanding I prefer happy.
feb. 22 Lunch with Broadway Jon Klages a name that will/should be known to Yo La Tengo completists then continued (on bike) to Amoeba to satisfy desire to buy Leonard Cohen CDs (Best Value) also the new Boards of Canada and the new Cornelius but that part was a surprise and it was nice biking to a record store just as I used to do in the years long ago it was like not being old.
feb. 24 Lord of the Rings w/ David and Alexander who is Alex to his peers. At the new mall. Last night Josie and the Pussycats on tape -- that movie rocks!
feb. 26 I am over w/ that jury thing now; I never did have to sit in judgment on a single soul. Though I did have to sit. Today I took the train downtown and went in the Times building and had lunch with Sue in the executive cafeteria dining room and saw 3 people from the old Her Ex days all of whom remembered without prodding the Today column and one of whom in fact hired me to write it though I'm not sure he remembered that and I didn't until later. In any case it turned into something else. Then I took a train back. It was hot out walking, midsummer-hot hot. The Tempo Contempo was closed or I would have gone in. Tom Waits is singing now but not loud enough. I have to go cat roller the bed finish Ant Farm 3 and notes for the Fluorescent reissue.
feb. 27 Young Eric came over to discuss shelves and we went to the Larchmont while Sarah went to the Grammys which start (tape delayed PST televised portion) in one minute. I suppose I should turn them on just to see.  OK U2. In their expensive everymen clothes. We love them (sincerely) they're the world's greatest rock and roll band temporarily.  I have perhaps had too much coffee today I am vibrating slightly. Ant Farm #2 now available for online perusal.