March 2002

3/3. A few informative and even useful offsite links added to the discography. David gave me an accordion it's a nice one. No leaks and all seems in tune. Bought naturally fruit flavored licorice at the Larchmont Farmers Market.  Also 3 apples some lettuce and a loaf of bread. Drank coffee. Listened to the complete Cheap Trick Live at Budokan straight through. It's getting dark and I have to turn on a light. It's getting dark and I have to finish the reissue  notes for Fluorescent. It's getting dark and I have to finish my next Weekly thingamacolumnything. (But that is old news.) And drink more coffee. (That too).
3/4. It took a couple of years to really work on me but I've got to say Madonna's Music is sounding pretty darn classic now. Also someone sent me The Damnations' new Where It Lands and I feel all right telling you to buy that. If you like music. Further words escape
3/5. Man Who Fell to Earth laserdisclinernotes now up. Me too.... Ellipses denoting passage of time. Voted. Got new library card (voted in the library), which comes w/ personal bar code and special key-ring minicard. Beautiful Italianate local branch is only 2 blocks away but it has the worst selection of fiction imaginable all Danielle Steele and Ken Follett w/ only the odd work of real actual lit, ancient or mod. And plenty of room on the shelves to remedy that. I will look into this. Poor little family ahead of me incurring like $90 in late fees you could have bought those books for less.
3/6. Trip last night across the hills to Kingsize Sound Labs (west) of Chicago transplant Dave Trumfio (friend of Dag, Sheila, others, I have his card here somewhere) to play mandolin for Syd in the key of B. A lovely little waltz. Third time was charm. At the Windy City Kingsize original recorded for Kelly. Ate Italian cookies.
3/10. Just back from Frisco by car. Saw Laurie Anderson twice once in an auditorium and once in an restaurant; she was carrying her instrument as any sensible musician would. Saw Jordi Savall conduct old early authentic ancient music (reason for trip). Listening in transit to Robbie Williams w/ happiness. (Said to be living here now. Will keep eyes peeled at Starbucks.)
3/13. Autechre clicking whistling whining burping farting at 10:19 a.m. Last night up to the now horrible Sunset Strip and always horrible HoB though in fact the staff was extraordinarily friendly helpful to see/talk to young Ben Kweller (reported upon you may though I am sure you do not remember in diaristic relating of last fall's touring) for purposes of upcoming and rare music journalism. He's a nice boy and doth rock. I will tell the people. Stuck around because I was out and so rarely am to get a glimpse of headliner Dashboard Confessional, big deal(s) apparently certainly to judge by the singalong kidly reaction but 3 songs was enough (more than). So this is emo! Went home! Read! ... Ellipses represent passage of time. Blustery: an Auntie Em day. The Young Fresh Fellows are (were) playing good time rock & roll on the Presidents tour (now) (then). Epitaph swag. Tropical Bakery bag. Parking ticket. CD exchanged for paper with numbers. A sentence added to this page (can you guess which?).
3/14. In Silver Lake 2 days running I'd better cut that out. At the Conservatory of Music researching, next door eating, down the street cafeing. Blustery again but not as. Less dust in the air making for pretty pictures. Elsa on the accordion case looking at me as if to say why I am not being paid attention to. Attention must be paid. Everybody loves gen mai cha.
3/15. The Ides. Nothing bad yet. Garden watering. Robert Wyatt-listening (Ruth: Stranger > Richard). Henry Green-reading (Blindness). Ant Farm #3 on the stands and online now.
3/17. Paddy day. A soda bread morning. Last St. Patrick's day I was here. This St. Patrick's day (night) I was next door at Karin and Andy's w/ Sarah and Joe and Heather. And Nello the cat. Andy made pudding. It rained then it didn't.
3/24. Another famous day: The Oscars are happening up there on Hollywood Blvd. Signs on Sunset warning of Event Ahead or somesuch which is why I recordshopped at Aron's instead of Amoeba they were playing Why We Fight when I walked in. Came home w/ big old pile of used records including David's. Listening now to Julie sing live w/ Leonard Cohen that Joan of Arc song I bought that too also several records w/o guitars in the new modern mode. But then some with. Was up in Santa Rosa and other points north between the 17 and the 24 doing what I will tell you when it's done. Teri came down from the even farther north and we chowed. Good weather and cows. Took the uncustomary 99 home to stop in Fresno to see Jill who's teaching there; some impromptu AV work then a trip to the Tower District Fresno's groovy block any town w/ a school has one somewhere and we ate in a house of chicken pies.
3/25. Posted old review of Belinda Carlisle and Barry Williams in Grease, I can't believe how long ago I wrote this and I was no spring chicken even then. Life! Went to the creepy new Grove w/ Randy, or rather went to nice old Farmers Market via the creepy new Grove and though I am no enemy of the Mall Concept I would respectfully request they cease and desist pumping Lite Jazz (the music of shopping) relentlessly into the phony streetscape (made no less phony by double decker trolley car going back going forth or actually going forth going back to small if not no practical purpose).
3/27. W/ Kevin and Kirk yesterday working at House of Kakes (Kevin's spare room).
3/28. Ant Farm #4 is online for you and just for you.
3/31. Easter for the Christians. The Queen (mother) is dead long live that other queen. I myself have lived through another March (knock wood, still 13 hours to go, knockwood, 13) and it's my father's birthday he's 75 today. Stayed out late at the Giant Sand show, Susan was playing with them wasn't that a nice surprise it was. Howe in fine comedic communicative form. Stuck around for loadout for purposes of chumminess and tour nostalgia. Steve Miller gave Rose a guitar says Sarah on the telephone. Listening to French electro dance pop now. There are malted milk eggs on the kitchen windowsill I will go there now and eat.

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