Sorry. Fell out of the habit. Writing all about ME in the Weekly now, so not much interest perhaps for continuing the subject here. Now I will try again. I am hot (I mean I feel hot). The sunflowers are bloomering. Wes was in town. I  saw Leonard Cohen on Larchmont (this is a while ago but what is time to us) outside the coffee shop in a
suit. Sometime later, same street street, different restaurant: The Fonz. (I am pretty sure.) I saw Yoko and Sean at the Yoko art show. Words page updated. Parts one and two of Ambassador Hotel interview w/ Tom Waits (I am audible, fortunately invisible) up now at Anti.com; stream and enjoy.
Flew on a plane with Johnny Ramone then saw Richard Dreyfuss at the Burbank airport getting into his new hybrid Honda. Saw Van Dyke at the drugstore. Ran into Robert and Richard. Am sleepy. Must play flute. Today should be Monday (to help me out) but it isn't it's Tuesday.

April (no May, June)
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