10. Bunny meowing. (Bunny not a bunny.) It is already September 11 in most of the world  and no news is good news. They are making a movie around the corner the big star trailer is parked across the street and I was standing out by the steps waiting for Sarah watching a TV through the star trailer venetian blinds. I don't know what movie or what star but they are here again tomorrow a girl with a clipboard came and told me. We get to see Robert Plant Thursday because of Sarah connections then Friday is the Minus 5 -- who will rock the harder? There is a tour page up here for the new tour. New little friends along. And Dag (not new nor little); looking forward to Halloween in Woodstock IL where they shot Groundhog Day speaking of making movies. Other memorable road Halloweens: Harrisburg 89 ; Burgos 90, when I went looking for candy in the Spanish night for post show hotel trick or treat. Sid was in town and Danny had a party and Don was there and Michael was there I hadn't seen her in two months of Sundays (and it was Friday).