January 2003//

This is for you if you're reading it. This is for you to read. For you.

Day 2. Sun. Shine. Insufficient sleep. Phoner w/ Tom Carson re his new novel that's done and now I can ? I have assigned myself projects. (Though not the Tom Carson project, that was assigned to me.) Keeping the mind focused, making things for, for, for the deep unknowable whenever. For who for you. Pictures that is one project. And sounds is two. The first one will by prearrangement with myself take one (1) year and the second I don't know, it is 1/47th done currently, but it will not be done in 47 days. Probably. (The first is 1/365th finished by tomorrow it will be 1/182.5 finished.) There are the smiling faces of my friends and there are the smiling faces of snowmen stamps. There is the accordion David gave me and the banjo that was Dad's and 2 concertinas and there is the address of Tory Troutman of OK City OK who needs a Romans CD. Call Teri that is the other thing I think she's in town briefly. There are no new messages on the server. Get. Up. Out. Move. Air. Light.
Day 3. Teri lunch at the market of farmers and there were Eric and Margaret surprisingly and a good thing too they had a table in the shade. Tonight may be a movie. I will write about Sammy Davis Junior soon perhaps I should call the MTVR now. I will drink more of this mmmgood coffee drink. The what I like to call trio performance of It's Only Make Believe w/ Kelly Hogan, JWH and humble self is out now on the new Bloodshot collection Making Singles Drinking Doubles finally it was recorded 3 years ago but retains its freshness, perhaps even has improved w/ age. It is 3:00 p.m. Project 1 on schedule. Project 2: 1/23.5th complete. On track. On target. Go. Go go go. Drink more coffee. Hello hello.
Day 5. Day 4 was: hot. Now: sick. (No apparent relationship between fact one, fact two; though perhaps after all: I am hot now where the day was previously.) Send flowers . I have made only 2 new measures of nasturtiumusic today I am off my pace but perhaps that's good. Go slow. Make last. Missed day 4 drawing on account of fever but fortunately had drawn 2 day 3 this is in slight violation of my own rules but whatever: 1/91.25th complete. But that is still a lot of fractions to go. I am trying to be serious about this somewhat less than seriously. Time will tell will test my sticktoitiveness. Back to TC transcription now but as this involves listening to self's own halting questions it is no fun. I could not remember Ed Willard's name.
Day 6. Big wind morning, big din, w/ chimes going mad and things blowing over and car alarms alarmed. On top of that the sound of a plumbing snake. A respite now. Can walk perhaps to Larchmont in safety, with no fear of death by palm fronds. (But will have to walk around them.) Esti is a mother. Paul is fighting with his studio over cut but can get together later in the week. The water is boiling seriously. Talk to edit and intro to write and lunch needs to be in there somewhere.
Day 8. One day foul, next fair. Oh very fair. Though it did rain today. It was only a little rain, or perhaps it was a lot of rain but quickly delivered. Late walk to that old familiar street for the old familiar. Though Robert N missing from his seat on the Starbucks terrace (tables on sidewalk). Sarah is going to France on Saturday, they have other coffee there, nonchain, and bigger terraces, though you know you pay more outside than inside and besides it's January. TC interview done and in. Must revamp Word page to reflect end of Ant Farm, yes, sorry. Other writing will be written, else I starve.
Day 16. Word page now indeed revamped. Tom Carson interview out now, there's a link to it there. And here. It is hot. Sarah (photo updated) is in France and online. I am drinking some new stupid Starbucks concoction or would be if I had not left it in the other room where it is growing tepid the drink not the room, though the room is kind of tepid too. Where am I in the projects? I think I'm keeping up w/ Project 1, though admittedly have been forgetful. The days go by the days go by. If indeed on track: 1/24.333..... done. Project 2: 1/4.272727..... done. (That is well on the way to done.) A pile of Academy screeners from Randy (a couple from David), it is good to have friends in the business called show. Teri at the MTVR is sending Sammy Davis Jr. tapes, I will write about him next. Postal biz: Sent pix to Karen (old pix, Loretta half who she is now), to Leahy. Waits interview CD to Margie, erstwhile TW #1 fan, spare books of K. Koch to Beth who writes poems too. Drew cats.
Day 17. Larchmont morning in the Italian state of mind. Poetry books in Chevalier's window someone studying a score in front of the bad yet at least semiindependent coffee option. Now to Sweet Relief meeting first in months, in a year? To Toluca Lake.
Day 19. Is Alison's birthday but her phone doesn't work. Then comes Sarah's then pop than mop then mine even before May comes. I don't remember many birthdays I remember Emily's because it's Columbus Day and Bill's because it's Lincoln's and Brian's because it's New Year's Eve though Bill I haven't seen in a long time and Brian even longer though I would like to very much. I know Loretta's because it's 1/1/2000 and so always easy to say exactly how old she is. And your birthday is? And your sign? And your Chinese animal year? There used to be a lot of birthdays in October, not so many now. Tomorrow a.m. going to talk to Van Dyke I will bike perhaps. February 1 that's in 2 weeks playing w/ Gary Eaton at Taix I should eat there too I haven't. More foreign Oscarcontending movies w/ Randy yesterday Glenn Headley was there famous and better younger looking in life even than on the screens. Most recent music: The Narrow Escape. Tally keepers. I will draw some pictures now too. Here is something I like but you see less of ever: a business in an old house. I thought of that today walking by the missing place where Betnun Music used to be and then I thought of the Third Eye and the Walrus from Encino long ago and the used bookstore down from the Los Altos there were books there I still regret not buying though really that is a pretty small thing to regret there are so many bigger ones possible. Lulu stop scratching the couch.
Day 27.  Early. Like, you are not up yet, like. That kind of early. Additions and repairs to the links o' Friends page, maybe even you maybe. French nougat from France keeping me company along with English instant coffee. Cats awake on other side of door don't come in here, cats. That will spell trouble and distraction I can ill afford I shouldn't even be writing this I should be writing about Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. ladies and gentlemen. Added information of perhaps little interest but no less true for all that to this page.
Day 28. This is me ignoring the State of the Union address, here I am not listening, not watching. How can they have a State of the Union address without a president, anyway? I don't understand. Apart from that I am sleep deprived, but apart from that I am feeling chipper, Chipper. And clean. A shower will do that to you. If you let it.
Day 29. Update of the discography to reflect the Kelly/Wes/Robert "It's Only Make Believe" (see above ) and the miscellaneous engagements page to include upcoming Gary Eaton gig (also see above ). Also an old Steve Wynn gig stuck in there. There is pizza in the oven besides.