2. Is Sunday. New pictures added to the 2002 fall tour page. New links on links of friends page: come on down Beth, Josh, Michael, Mary, Davia, Kevin, Thessa. Some broken links fixed there too. And more to come, come on. Last night was rock with Gary. Today I was on a bicycle. Later I will be in a seat at a symphony.
4. Elsa on lap, curled. Thai food coming. Sound of television. The Red Robins by Kenneth Koch, the novel not the play, there on desk. Picture of Sheila and Japanese maple. Sammy done! On to the session cats project. Sunday night heard Frenchmen play Stravinsky, the Rite of Spring -- Frenchmen played it first after all. Cats go up and down stairs, sound of nails on wood. Crazy cats stop it.
13. Rained a lot, but now it is not. Sammy D. piece is out now. New couch, old couch goodbye. Please cats do not destroy. Good kitties. Niecey long weekend coming w/ Disneyland and marching for peace (unless making human peace sign on beach for peace), hating Bush for peace. (Disneyland, peace unrelated. Sadly.) Oh stop skipping, CD player, stop it, I don't want to get up. Reading Dante's Inferno toward next assignment; funny how he gets god to settle his scores, it's a petty sort of masterpiece. Light has come to the courtyard that is enough for me.
23. Disneyland with nieces was not crowded. Hollywood Boulevard for peace march was. (Good in both cases.) We stopped war forever. Then I went and met Sandow Birk and wrote a story about him which is done except for looking over copy queries and out Thursday. Old Romans flyers stolen from the Warning Label Records website (but coming originally from Romans, so) have been added to the page of Romans engagements.
26.Birk piece out, with onboard link here.

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