10. How can it be March 10 already? That is not right. Anyway. I didn't come here to talk about it being March 10, I came to fall in the ocean, I mean I came to say that although I am not sure anyone other than my mother, Dag and you ever read this, if you are interested in hearing/having music by the Lopez Beatles, the RomansThe House on the Cliff or me and my PC (see here), it can be arranged. Speaking of which I am just back from seeing Lopez Beatle Doug's Mobile Homeboys at the cute little Cinema Bar, in the city of Culver.
24.  "War." Spring. Anny Celsi had her self released CD release party at Highland Grounds. A little mandolin from me. (Played more, more things on the CD, produced/drummed by Kevin.) Arye Gross who was on Ellen was part of the show reading a kind of detective parody, it was effective. Steve Barton played the guitar. And Janene his missus who played clarinet on David Lewis's No Straight Line long ago when we were young. Chris Morris was there. Randy Weeks played w/ Doug on guitar. My sister. Kirk, Tammy. Am sitting in w/ abovementioned Mobile Homeboys tonight at abovementioned Cinema Bar on Sepulveda in the City of Culver City; if there's a web link for that place I'd be very surprised. And playing w/ Gary Eaton next weekend at Taix, Saturday the whatever that will be. The man can't bust our music.
25.   Some days some people have e-mail servers that do not want to serve you. Nothing you send gets through. What can you do? Listening to Neil Finn bootlegs seems like a good alternative at least that's what I'm doing though of course really it is not an alternative it is something else entirely. Except now it's Ronnie Lane.

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