Some things are coming up.
Playing organ w/ Gary Eaton: Alterknit Lounge of the Knitting Factory 7/16.
Playing accordion w/ Doug and David (that's who I'm playing w/, it's not the name of the band) at Higley's coffeehouse in La Canada, 7/18.
Playing guitar w/ Fleshpot at Goldfinger's in Hollywood, 7/24.

Also: a first TV review written for the L.A. Times appears tomorrow (I think). I don't know how long it'll be archived; and then you'll have to pay to read it after awhile, which just seems wrong. But I could send it to you if you like.

Updated the discography , w/ Anny Celsi and Deanna Varagona long players.
Times review disappointingly cut for space. The good bits of course were what went. One day I'll post the whole thing, but not today.
Look forward to these Gary Eaton (King Size Maybe ) dates: Taix 8/16 and Thee Parkside in San Francisco, 8/31.
Updated the Miscellaneous Dates page to include some JWH tours and upcoming shows. (As stated above.)
Happy Bastille Day.

I won't be at that Gary Eaton Taix gig 8/16, but everyone else will, so you should still go.
Imagine my surprise today when I discovered that a picture I had taken of Scott and Peter at Bumbershoot (we were going over songs) whenever that was is illustrating the Minus 5 page at Trampoline Records. I give myself heretofore missing credit HERE.
Eric mentioned something about another Fleshpot gig in August, but I don't know when, or even really if.
I think I'm playing Doug's block party the 23rd but I suppose you have to live there to go.

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