Reminder: Playing with Gary Eaton's Kingsize Maybe at the Echo in Echo Park, Sun. the 21st. It's a bbq. Also playing: Weed Patch.
Writing temporarily full time for the Times, as in Los Angeles. TV crits, appearing something like three times a week. I am not providing links, but googling "Los Angeles Times" + "Robert Lloyd" will turn them up. Registration unfortunately required, some charges may apply. I am sorry.////All Tomorrow's Parties has been rescheduled for November (on the Queen Mary) and Wes with it. We will be touring before and after. Dates posted as they are confirmed.////Added some info on Gary Eaton/Kingsize Maybe here in the college of musical knowledge.
Added more links on this page of links to L.A. Weekly TV reviews.//// Screening of Richard's (and Doug's) Chaplin movie, "Charlie," on the Warners lot. Doug there of course, and Erika; and Bruce (making 3/4 LB reunion), Paul, Glenn, it was old home week. Got to walk down fake New York street.
Saw erstwhile traveling companion Josh Ritter , in town to rock the Largo and flog his fine new album, he was great and such a nice boy too. Kingsize Maybe (Gary, update that site already) playing Taix October 17. Fixed a few broken links around the old homestead. Times keeping me too busy, right now I should be writing about "Karen Sisco" (piece out Wednesday, peace out Wednesday), but demonstrably am not. (Well, in fact, I was, but you know what I mean.)