Alexander's birthday tonight.
New Rufus Wainwright playing. Only believe the good reviews of this. Remember that Kingsize Maybe plays Taix on October 17.
More November dates.
Apparently I live in a state full of idiots. Big sigh.
Link to old feature on Matt Groening re: the bow of Futurama added to the local page of writing links. More dates for November (click link below). Kingsize Maybe tomorrow night at Taix (click link above). My pal Dennis Keeley is the new photo chair at Art Center. Kevin called me on his cel phone today and was funny. Sarah is back from New York. She saw Lacy and Ian, Jeroen and Thessa, and Karen and Dave (and Loretta). I am staying up again to write about television for the L.A. Times but I wish I were asleep. And I don't even like to be asleep.

Look here for November tour dates.

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