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4-01-00. Ellis P. (whom you will or not remember from spring or fall '99) at McCabe's. Hoisted a brew after or half a brew anyway. A Danelectro "Pastrami" pedal is now mine. As is the bass guitar I haven't mentioned but have now. But that was another day and another way. 4-02-00. Chicago trip is on. Taxes are done. Daylight is saved, or no longer saved I forget which. We sprung back is what we did. 4-04-00. Kelly's new record comes out today. Buy it here or buy it here or at your favorite independent record store. Also the new Slugs record featuring Dag Juhlin is out but I don't have that and I'm not on it. 4-06-00. Another new old thing posted for your perusal. I like the look of it. I am pleased. But who knows whether tomorrow I won't have changed my mind? 4-07-00. More not sleeping, working. Bethann sent a questionnaire. 4-08-00. Early high-end coffeeshop breakfast. Here come the new neighbors. They have a dishwasher and are tall. Last night I dug out this ancient piece of rubbish and applied it to the digital age but at the same time I made it not easy to find. There's a word for that. 4-09-00. Raided some backgrounds n textures from here and from there and prettified some pages: Brian, Tom, Jaime & Gilbert. And yes I do have better things to do. And I'd better do them. 4-10-00. Did better things till 5 a.m. well maybe not better but more remunerative and now I am up again but tired and soon I will get in a car yes I will. Put up another LBs lyric. That makes 2. 4-12-00. Two more lyrics up. That makes four. 4-13-15-00. Went to Vegas w/ Doug and Erika to see their swell friend Chris of the Blue Man Group which has extended its franchise to the big black pyramidical Luxor where we all stayed free more than offsetting small gambling losses. That is Chris's dog Thermos there. 4-16-00. Karen wonders where the March news is. Karen, it is here. (See the link at the top of the page also.) Made separate pages for The Silos, Love Tractor and Young Fresh Fellows reviews, + new convenient Critical List linking page. That is all. 4-19-00. Wes 94 tour info finally found & added more or less completing the Tourography save of course corrections, future links, graphical redesign, who can say. But you have been waiting for this I know. Finished a column, it's what I do. Booked tix to/from Chicago for the other thing I do. Sears delivered the new refrigerator; the old one's still sitting on the street if anybody wants it. 4-20-00. Sorry you're too late on that refrigerator. It gone. Effected threatened graphical redesign on individual Tourography pages though in a small way: boldfaced and switched next and last links, eliminated underlining (look closely for special doors leading offsite), made the back arrows bigger. Now I must work. 4-21-00. Rear-ended on Vine St. That wasn't any fun at all and the guy who hit me who of course had nothing in the way of anything cried. 4-26-00. I have been remiss I suppose I mean look at that gap from 21 to 26. You'll just have to use your imagination there. That'd be the best thing. Oh and it's my birthday. Send check or money order. Cash okay too.

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