Here is the news for March 13 2006. Robert Lloyd: Crossroads of My World has been supplanted by this new and potentially larger website, House of Here, so large I hardly know what to do with it. Not that I don't have some ideas. More and bigger pictures. Music music music. New things all around, this is not your father's House of Here. Also of "interest" are the following Myspace spaces: Lopez Beatles. Romans. Kingsize Maybe. Me generally speaking. And a page for my own unrelated musical noise (also available here), called House on the Cliff because that was a band I had once (twice, three times) and I couldn't think of anything better and I do after all love the Hardy Boys. Mp3s for "Bitchen Party," "Independence Hall," "Secret Prize," "Girlorama/She's My Baby," "Big Foot" and "Things Are Going My Way" available on the Lopez Beatles pages, more to come.

Here is the news for March 18 2006. Many more Lopez Beatles tunes available, including "Coins" (in three flavors), "We Love Lopez Beatles Club," "We Hate Margaret Thatcher Club," "Microscope," "Rancher Steve" and more.

Here is the news for March 22 2006. Much smartening up of old pages in the Music section of this world, the tour pages, Lopez Beatles, Kingsize Maybe. Added computer music written to poems by Beth Roberts under the Electrical Bananas banner, that's just a random appellation really, maybe it will change. Probably not. More Lopez Beatles music. Songs from the Steve Wynn Quintent Beach Club show Oslo 10-22-90 added to the relevant page. Emily was here for an extracurricular activity, in Pasadena, we went to see her and gave her things.

Here is the news for March 27 2006. I have locally recreated Ant Farm, which has become (temporarily?) inaccessible on the L.A. Weekly site (though the search engine turns up pages). Anyway it looks better here, with nice type and no ads. Includes Hadley Hooper's drawings, some of them, though I have not got around yet to asking her permission. More computer music on the Electrical Bananas page. The reissue of Patti Smith's Horses with the live in London version from last year as a second disc is worth your while. Howe is playing on Thursday. Pam Jackson is briefly in town. Smartened up the Romans page.

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