Well it has been six months or so since I bothered to report. Perhaps it will be another six months until anyone reads this. Or longer. If ever. That is the essence of the internet blog world, after all, trees falling in the forest that no one reads. Kristian Hoffman is this minute broadcasting, or broadbandcasting, over, and the same question I suppose applies, though in this case I at least am listening to his tree fall. *** Late July and early August were for making the next John Wesley Harding album in the Great Pacific Northwest (rehearsing in Seattle, recording in Portland, shows in both) with Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Bill Reiflin (3/5 of the Minus 5, also Robyn Hitchcock's Venus 3), Kurt Bloch, me. Rob Seidenberg in the studio as well lending a friendly critical ear. David Seitz guest twirling the knobs at Jim's Mississippi Studios, whose own web site posts a related picture. (Later we played the club downstairs.) Then two days in New York in a very clement October picking up stray keyboard and mandolin overdubs, again w/ David but on home turf. Played in the Prospect Park bandshell to a handful of people left over from a Stop the Atlantic Yards Development demonstration. Hung around J&T's apartment across the street. Now Kristian's show is over and I'm listening to the personalized "radio station" I set up through French Yahoo that throws lots of pop francais at me, right now it's Telephone w/ mon homme Jean-Louis Aubert. Sarah is out buying yellow paint to paint an old shelf yellow. No longer playing w/ Kingsize Maybe as changes in these pages reflect but in a friendly not playing way. Halloween went well w/ the best decorated courtyard yet primarily the work of Sarah and Sarah but contributions from all the four corners. I will get some pictures up he said to no one in particular. Karen was here for rest and relaxation and we were glad to have her. Back now to reviewing "3 Lbs." xo.


Went to Dean Baquet's send-off I felt I should since he asked me to lunch once and from my end at least I felt Personally Connected and it was interesting to taste a little of the employee solidarity I never experience since I'm never there. Took the train there and took the train back. Someone posted video from 2000 Wes in-store at Fingerprinz in Long Beach on YouTube here and here. This may be the first time these songs were taken out; it's clear that I don't know them very well in any case and I guess that's Kirk's little keyboard I'm playing, it's not my big piano. David Lewis has a Wikipedia page (a stub, but still). David himself has posted musical files from our legendary to us SXSW performance here, genius. Last night saw Hot Chip courtesy of Andy whose ex-sort-of-brother-in-law Pat was drumming, it was fun. I was the old guy and Andy as Andy pointed out was the tall guy. Backstage Hot Chip Al Doyle with no idea at all who we were offered and then brought us drinks, showing good breeding, friendliness and lack of attitude. Tonight it's Waiting for Godot rendered by Ireland's Gate Theatre at UCLA. More immediately, writing about Tony Bennett.


Seen last night among the crowd at Godot: Mr. Spock, Mr. Carlin, Dr. Johnny Fever. Purchased today at Chevalier's: "The Architecture of Happiness" by Alain de Botton, "The Private Lives of the Impressionists" by Sue Roe. Playing: first Penguin Cafe Orch. Drinking: Irish breakfast tea even though it's 11:30 p.m.


Lopez Beatles "Bitchen Party" video is up at YouTube.


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