Added pictures to the Lopez Beatles picture page. New link to Erika's new website on the Friends page. Link to "Bitchen Party" video stuck onto "Bitchen Party" lyrics page. Lukas (leading Karin Andy and Ava) brought over cookies they made little star gingerbread cookies with anise probably an old Swiss recipe. Sarah is looking at pictures. I am writing about Christmas movies (not here). Noise by William Parker5: Added link for Anne Thompson on Friends page. Added "Hollywood" mp3 (playing w/ Steve Wynn, Knitting Factory '04) to the page of mp3s. Chewing gum. 11. Went to see Syd Straw Friday at McCabe's and wound up playing mandolin (taken from the store wall) throughout the (unrehearsed by me) second set. Alongside Willie, Dan and DJ. People there: my sister, Lori Landes who I gave my Adult Swim promo scarf, Robert N and Sarah M and the usual Sydspects. Now I am writing a YouTube piece for the Times and found posted there among other things the video interview I did w/ Tom Waits at the late Ambassador Hotel where he was shooting a clip for "God's Away on Business" (see it in five parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I am invisible but audible. Jesse Dylan directed he looks like his dad. 19. Added "Amphetamine" from the S Wynn Knitting Factory '04 to the page of mp3s. Sarah is making dream bars I can smell that burning sugar. Christmas music (DJ Rico Xmas mixes downloaded from somewhere last year) is playing, there is a tree in the living room it's covered with lights and figurines. Dag sent mp3s of "People Like Us" the radio version. Kerry Fanwick from the deep past got in touch having wandered onto this page of names via Google.


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