6. An mp3 of "Domino" by Russ Tolman and we the Totempolemen from 1989 is up on the page o' mp3s. Added Russ tourpix from the same year here.///This page, devoted to the Steve Wynn Quintet 1990 tour of Europe, has been expanded to show cities by date + clubs, some of which still being extant (the clubs I mean, not the cities which are all extant, for now) are also hyperlinked.///We had a New Year's Eve Eve party and here are some of the people who came: Alison Mark Claudia Syd Willie Giovanna Dan Mary Paul Randy Tricia Beau Anne David Nora Robert Martha Sarah Michelle Dydia Mike Nina Anastasia Karin Andy Lukas Ava Joanne Theresa John Scott Janet Dave Erika Doug Franny Georgia Kirk Tammie Jon Kristen Eric.///Then we went to Legoland.///Then Doug and Erika had a New Year's Eve party heavy on the kids. Franny and friend ? who are the LA 6 because they met in LA when they were 6 performed the bestest "Route 66" halting and slightly MartiKellyGavinmonotonal in a post Velvets pre Goth postpunky way not that that was the intention.///Then I got sick.///Tonight is a birthday party for Van Dyke.///Andy is sweeping up leaves.///Sarah is shopping for late holiday presents she made scones because it's epiphany./// 14. Some pictures of The Romans are now here. (And there are some on the Myspacespace. Plus: Slideshow fun initiated on the personal and Lopez Beatles Myspaceses.) Saw Marti for breakfast (and at the David Anderle art show she came West for on Saturday and made happen) and Mike/Nina/Anastasia (on new scooter) on Larchmont took Sarah to the airport she's off to London and Arles and saw Gavin and Kelly for coffee at dinnertime because Book Soup closed at 7. They were on a layover and are on their way to Australia NOW. Saturday a birthday bar party for Juan at the Figueroa Hotel it was freezing. 20. Broken-legged stray Siamese cat on my lap, eventually to be Karin & Andy's (& Lukas's & Ava's) if unclaimed by previous owner and named Crinkle for his crinkly ear, but called various things by me while he stays here for the nonce convalescing quietly, including Hopscotch, Hoppy, Hockeystick (for his bandaged and splinted leg), Meep (for his meow), Squinch and Squidget. Saw Kate Walsh when I took him to the vet. New Steve Wynn/SWQ mp3s up on the mp3 page, some courtesy Jeff Lester, including "Motorcyle Boy," "Top of the Hill" and "Brown-Eyed Girl" (replacing the Arhus version, which you can still hear if you click this) from Long Beach (Bogart's) 1992 (I do not remember playing this show, but I did); and more songs from the 2004 Cinema Bar and 2005 Molly Malone's shows. A relatively big picture of my Lopez Beatles Stage Backdrop has been added to the Lopez Beatles picture page; note old-fashioned LPs. (That is Bruce's floor, in Echo Park.) A slideshow now on the Romans myspace. Yesterday was Alison's birthday. Sarah is in Arles. 24. Posted an mp3 of "Hesitation," an unreleased Deanna Varagona track I pianoed upon to the ever growing page of mp3s. At Meltdown shopping for Sarah's birthday I ran into Rick Gershon with Jason of the Von Bondies. At Disney Hall for John Adams conducting John Adams ran into Mark and Alan and Juan and David. Erika read from her book last night at Book Soup and afterward we went to Lou for grog and Manohla walked in from Sundance with her carryon. Making a new page of friendly faces31. Crinkle/Squidget back to the vet yesterday, his splint/cast just slipped off; Van Dyke was there to get his dog a Scottish terrier I think the usual shots. Went w/ Mike to see Blake and John as The Submarines at the last night of their Echo residency, the Boston expats (incl. Mike) were out in force. A drink first at Taix where there was no music playing. 

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