3. David Lewis singing "Ghost Rhyme" on YouTube. (Minus my pump organ.) This is excellent. Also the Radical Gentlemen may be currently heard performing Robert Wyatt's "Signed Curtain" on Wes's myspace site, also linked to mine. More faces added to the local facebook, maybe yours. A new page to direct the reader to local pages of photos (including new page of the Fluorescent sessions) and one of drawings. These are young and a growing. Will be up all night reviewing. Noise: Scott Amendola Band, w/ Nels in it. 4. Still reviewing. Sunday morning work playlist: Abba Greatest Hits, Beach Boys Sunflower, Kinks Preservation 1. 7. Morning interviewing Ashley Jensen. How nice was she? Then to Freakbeat for trading and acquiring and hanging out talking to Bob. The Good The Bad and The Queen, Shins, Bettie Seveert, Catherine Howe, Peter Bjorn and John, Matching Mole, Clifford Brown, Duster Bennett (!). Also a copy of Last Days At the Ranch Bob had just bought (as part of the collection of Bill Leibovitz, interestingly, though what would have been remarkable would have been to see it in the collection of a stranger) and gave me for free. Squidget/Crinkle who is also Meepy Joe is meeping at the door. Soon seeing Paula who is coming to play with Sparkehorse and very happy about that. Me: Playing with Syd Straw (and Willie Aron, Dan Schwartz, Don Bonebrake) 2/16 at the Echo. Reading: Tove Jansson's "Finn Family Moomintroll." 13. Saw Paula on Friday for the first time since this and it was lovely. Met her brother. Gary was there and we talked TV, also Kathy who was married to Glenn, and Greg Allen who I haven't seen in a long time either, though not 15 years long, looking dapper. Got a free ice cream sandwich. Saturday night a party at Greg and Debbie's where guests performed, did a double act with Doug and sang even which doesn't happen often. Downtown to the paper on Sunday to review the Grammys nearly in real time. More faces here. Made a traffic page for pictures here. More pix from Steve Europe 90 here and Romans flyers (by Michael) added here. 21. More drawings, mostly very old, put up here. Pix from the Memphis 2004 Wes one-off trip here. (I played that blue piano.) Speaking of, Wes having taken "Signed Curtain" down from his myspace space, it is automatically gone from my own myspace space, and has been replaced by "We Love Lopez Beatles Club," linked from the Lopez Beatles myspace myspace. Saw and spoke to Howe opening for Ralph Stanley at the El Rey.

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