March in like a lion, go out like a lamb.

8th. Josh was here to play the El Rey solo on the first with Blake and John opening as the Submarines. We sat w/ Mike and Nina up in the upstairs and drank Cokes. The next day was sushi for Josh Mike and me and then walking the Melrose combat zone and then Spanish lattes at Urth and then Anastasia's school and that was that. That was fun it was the longest time I'd spent with Josh since we drove around half the country together (the Western half) five years ago, now he has a beard and a Blackberry and is perhaps not so wet behind the ears (he was already Big in Ireland five years ago so he wasn't all that wet then) but success and music videos have not otherwise changed him. You can find an olde picture if you look hard here. The new David Lewis CD "Ghost Rhymes" arrived from Wes today and I played it through right away; there is a picture by Trudy of most all of us on the back that was a surprise and an even bigger surprise is I don't mind the way I look. The music of course is beautiful; you can hear some of it almost as fast as you click this on David's myspace and possibly you can buy it all soon somewhere. Here maybe. Albums one and two are available on itunes and album one on emusic, where they've got the photo wrong. About three hours sleep last night for you keeping score, two stories filed today. Another one due technically due tomorrow but ha ha I don't think so.

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