August 1. Back again. I am here. Biking for coffee? Lunching w/ Randy. August 2. Finished reading Maigret et la grande perche. On to Maigret chez le ministre. August 3. Dining with Koneffs. Have you heard Yes? August 4. Gussied up the last tour page. Check it out! August 6. Backyarding w/ the returned neighbors. Swiss cheese really from Switzerland and delightful Toblerone chocolate. August 7. Rockia Traoré. August 8. Pictures from the July tour made available to you. August 10. Michael Hall sent his new record. Mammoth people in town (cafe w/ Giovanna). Chris Mills in town. August 12. Sat in w/ Mills last night at Spaceland. Saw Heidi there! Exciting! Playing acoustic w/ Stu! The old but excitable Kevin Coyne headlining! August 23. Back from Nashville, Phoenix (Scottsdale really), Chicago, Orlando in that order. Saw Duane and Denise and Amy and Mari and Bethann and Sheila and Dag and Meredith and Sophie and Kai and Jim and Deanna and Kelly and Carson and Janice and Nancy. Gary put us up in the country music capital and played the guitar. Mark played the bass. Greg played the drums. Housepitality in the city of winds once again courtesy Ms. Sachs and Ms. Hester; I send thee roses made of words. Barbekudos to Jim and Rebecca and Donna and Maryanne. Chuck made it all happen re: the B&N. Chupa Chups courtesy the M&M people (Scottsdale event). Thunderstorms courtesy das himmel uber Florida. We were all wet at EPCOT, but you can drink there. Can get espresso if the machine isn't broken. Meet the kids from all over, eat their foods. Lulu from Glasgow is going places but right now she's at the Pringle shop. August 25. Roast chicken w/ Janet at Versailles. August 26. Another new old Today column may be read here. August 27. Ran into Paul F. over on Larchmont and oh how lovely is the smallness of the world. Soon to Jim's bbq, very soon I see by the clock on the screen. When will I work? (The Sundayness of the day being as ever irrelevant.) August 28. Went to that 'cue. Socialized! There was Beth -- hadn't seen her in a while. And Greg. Nor him. And Susan. Her neither. There they were. There was Gary, and I lent him an album. I was hoping to see Lori there, but Lori wasn't there. But I was! I was there! And here is Bunny the cat.