CINCO DE MAYO. "Pancake Mountain" vol. 5 arrived today; to my surprise and pleasure I'm blurbed on the cover. Also discovered myself quoted in an article in the Writers Guild magazine, about the awful FCC. Sarah is watching "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp." "This is a long movie," says Sarah, but I can tell it's over because they're playing The British Grenadiers. ("Well, that's the end of that movie.")
DIEZ Y CINCO DE MAYO. Steve and Linda got married in Richmond and we went along with many other people from here and there. Home was the Linden Row Inn. Breakfasts were at Perly's around the corner. Dinner one was at Comfort, on Broad Street, after which we went to Penny Lane and found Peter and Chloe and Hammi and Mary and Steve (Hochman) but not yet Steve or Linda. The next day was spent in Carytown, people running into each other without prearrangement, at Plan 9 where Peter caused a stir just by being there and Sarah bought the Mudcrutch album and at World of Mirth. Bought Squirrel Nut Zippers, the candy not the group. Karen called they'd got to town, we had a light lunch at Can Can with Vivian and Steve (Espinola) and Steve's friend who I think was named Kelly and just a Richmond person not going to the wedding. Gary had Richmond friends, too, with a farm, or farmlette. Dinner two was at the Capital Ale House on Main where the whole big main room was taken over for a wedding eve social that also served as a resume of Steve's career, and some of LInda's (no Zuzu's Petals set, though Laurie was there), though unfortunately leaving out solo band number one (me being the only ex member in attendance). Day two was another breakfast at Perly's and then a quick trip to Carytown so Sarah could have decent coffee (at Can Can encore) and then getting wedding ready. It started to rain as we set out for Maymont Park, enough to drive the wedding inside, from the planned Italian Garden to the unplanned Stone Barn; then poured down upon the reception. Played atmospheric accordion and guitar music w/ Steven while guests milled prewedding, then a more or less accurate "That's Amore" as Linda processed from the carriage Armistead drove her up in. Nice ceremony! Steven sang a Lovin' Spoonful song.  Steven and Armistead and people I didn't know were the party band after, w/ Scott and Peter up for a couple of real old R.E.M. songs, the minister singing Betty Wright's "Clean-Up Woman," Vicki putting harmonies onto a pair of Beatlesongs, Steve and Linda duetting on "It Takes Two" in harmonious harmony. The next day home in time to see Dag play with Poi Dog at the Troubadour. That was good.
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