6.8. To Ojai for the Music Festival. Just for the 11 a.m. Sunday show bookended by Steve Reich (Clapping Music, Drumming), with Ligeti and Varese in the middle. Reich onhand to clap and drum with old associates and new. The last time I was at Ojai, some years ago, an owl crapped on me. No owl this time but tuneful birds in the trees chirping counterpoint to the music. Alan there. Mark there, shook heads sadly over our mutual employer. Afterward bought African tin animals, ate Mexican food. Drove home via 23 that was a new way to go, through strange half-eaten/quarried mtns., I couldn't tell you the rock, but it was tan, soft (you could tell from the graffiti carved into it) and crumbly/pebbly. I thought sandstone, I don't know why -- color of sand, I suppose. Saw parents + Gordon.
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