1. The birthday of our little friend Alexander. We gave him books.
5. Alexander was 9, did I say? Well obviously I didn't, you can see right there that I didn't.
12. Best of L.A., which I spent my summer editing and shepherding, is out. You can click to it here. That got over yesterday. Tuesday to the whatever the wrap the Thank God Its Thursday and there's no more Best of L.A. this year party. Came home and worked 24 hours straight on TV column, you possibly would not guess from reading it. I am very tired now. The little tired head voices are coming to visit. I talked on the phone to a bank lady. Tomorrow Sarah and I are going to see Mr. Bob Dylan in the north, we were bought tickets, then coming practically right home. Eric built shelves in the stairwell, staircase, what ever it is, what it is. They are as yet empty and not completely totally overly done. Keren Ann who I don't know but think I would like to is coming out of the other room, the pop record machine speakers.
20. Laura here staying here for Lost and Found Sound shindig at the TVradiomuseum. And Davia and Nikki (I hadn't met Nikki yet really) the Kitchen Sisters. Laura and Davia were both there for the Bob Dylan w/ Tim who got the tix and Wendy and we walked down to Market St. after for food. I keep hitting a wrong key and there is a bug here. Norman Corwin and Studs Terkel in person. Those old dudes rock! Then a party. I met Stig O'Hara.
24. Tour approaching. Wes here now gone a brief birthday party reunion of the rad gents.

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