17 April.
 Laggardly. More correctly ill (but recovering). Yet working hard. Ant Farm 5 out now. 6 in the can. Up early (for me). 4 Saints in 3 Acts plays in b.g. (Or operas rather.)
19 April.
W/ Gary Eaton tonight at the Hot Wired Cafe again. In North Hollywood or Valley Village if you prefer (I still prefer North Hollywood). At House of Kakes in the a.m. and after. On Mulhullond Dr. in the p.m. and a nice day to be there. Plus you avoid the traffic. Rose coming on weekend. Anastasia got married. Bed time soon. Mr. Headache go home.
26 April.
Birthday day. Monk (present) on box. Greyness of sky. Wind. There is Sebastian across the courtyard in a hooded sweatshirt. Rose did come and we went some places. Here and there you know. The TW project is finished from my end but wonder what's up w/ Epitaph. Met Flea for purposes of journalism. Went to screening of Richard's Woody Allen doc (coproduced and w/ music by Doug ), old HerEx people I saw. Erika on one foot. Excellent free food of which I freely availed myself. Ben Kweller story out now, also Ant Farm 6.