31.  Here we are the last day of the year and I hear Steve in the courtyard talking to... someone. And I have finished my work for the day or at least I have met my deadline, there is always more work, no? Yes. Sarah is shopping. There is a David Carole Alexander and David's parents dinner tonight at the Grove and then there is Doug and Erika and possibly Richard, or Dick Schick as Erika called him on the phone almost just now. I have raised my shade ah that's better. The sun is coming back now I like that. Mailman please come and bring me a check I am working for the LA Times presently but the money comes from Chicago, isn't that funny, where Sheila is, and Sharon still possibly, not Bethann because she's in Hawaii though that is temporary, in fact she'll be here next month that's exciting she called from a runway at LAX as I was leaving the parking lot at NBC and the odd thing was I had just I mean just that minute left a message on Bethann's phone at home, and Linda and not Dag he's in Woodstock now, and Deanna, and Kelly and so on. Carson. Speaking of Carson I was speaking of Carson because I ran into Dennis yesterday that's the only way I see Dennis, running into him and I spoke to him of Carson. And now Sarah is back from shopping and talking to Steve in the courtyard. I have no shoes on you can do that in December in Southern California. Or even January which is tomorrow.