NINE. Oh I fell down on keeping up with this for sure I did. No January reports at all. If you'd like to read something about December that I never managed to put up online you can read it here . Now it is February 9th and Thessa is here but is not here she is down in Orange County or on her way back. Rehearsed w/ Robert Fisher aka The Willard Grant Conspiracy for big shew this Friday February 13th (Friday the 13th) at Hotel Cafe on Cahuenga south of Hollywood where I have wanted to play since I saw Kip Boardman and Kristin Mooney there a couple of weeks ago. Also I have a Kingsize Maybe show to play Friday February 20th , before which I will possibly be playing w/ the Willard Grant Conspiracy again, then traveling crosstown. The sun is going down we are going out tonight to hear Fts. of Wayne play acoustic at McCabe's. Write-wise, I'm in the Times all the time, the L.A. Times, and the Times only. Available online but I don't recommend signing on they want to know too much. I see from the Hotel Cafe calendar that Kip and Kristin are playing again this Thursday and also Blake Hazard who opened for us in Boston and lives here now and in fact sings on the new WGC record compact disc.