May 3.
Coachella Festival Saturday. Saw all or part of:
The Radioheads
The Pixieses
The Junior Seniors with special guest Fred Schneider
The Stereolabs
The Kraftwerks
The Kinkys
The Juana Molinas
The Erase Erratas
The Desert Sessionses
The International Noise Conspiracys
The Soundses
The Death Cab for Cuties
The Black Keyses
The Stella*s
The Seb Fontaines
Best were the Radioheads and the Junior Seniors, perhaps not coincidentally the acts I most wanted to see. But they did not disappoint. Also I very much liked the Kraftwerks the Stereolabs and the Kinkys. The fest itself was all groovy except for the horrible traffic afterward. The hot heat was manageable (you must remember to hydrate), the cost of food and water were not extortionary, you pay more at the movies. No one set anything on fire who wasn't supposed to. Stayed at the nearby home of
Lopez Beatle Bruce Rhodewalt, who is an old Coachella hand having in fact sold them their domain name. Ran into Jackson Haring.

May 21.
Added old old Jim Copp & Ed Brown piece to the writing pages. Added setlists list as link from Steve Wynn 92 late spring Scandinavian tour page.