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June 1: The picture of Sarah has been changed to another picture of Sarah. Ellis Paul joins the Friends page though he's had other links around here for awhile you might have noticed. A link to The Band has been added here. And another here. June 2: Big fat new page of old news appended to the Music section more for me than for you but you are welcome to it. June 3: Was Saturday. We... went... to Janet's opening that's what we did. Janet G. not Janet D. And saw Michele there. And Kelly S. whom we had not seen in years. June 4: Was busy! Went to Broadway Jon's birthday in the morning! Went to Rosa's jewelry sale in the afternoon! All the way out in Malibu! Jackie was there! And Geoff! -- now that was a surprise. Then went to the closing of Dennis's photo show! It was a busy day! June 5: Good People of Chicago: I miss you all. On a more local note, the list of miscellaneous musical engagements has been greatly expanded. June 6: Birthday of Kevin Cakes Jarvis (see here, here, here, here, here and here). There will be celebrating. Links to Deanna's page have been established here and there. June 7: The Slugs are playing in Chicago tonight but you've already missed them. A new page commemorates the big Bob Dylan tribute we (the Wes and I) staged back in '93. Another the Christmas '95 show at the Great American Music Hall. Both regularly accessible through the abovementioned list of miscellaneous engagements. June 15. Look I let a whole week go by with no news. And there was something to point out but I forget what. It will come to me. Oh yes there's now another page of links to strangers begun. Links is the backbone of this internet. Jeroen and Thessa are here and Linda P. sent me some pictures. That is all I have to say to you now. June 16. The people of June 16, besides J. and T., were: Cakes Jarvis, breakfasting; Tom and Janet, weeklying; Paula B., producing the Alejandro musical at Plaza de la Raza; Neuwirth, Sheryl N. (also at PdelaR); Chris, just missed him playing the Kibbitz Rm., but kibbitzing after over knish, pickles; Elvis M., encountered by surprise on the street outside. You see it was a busy day. June 20. Sweet Relief shindig. The high rollers and suits and then us over in the corner. Patti Smith rocking the house outside the house (the Wattles Mansion house) though many said suits had by then departed, more the fools they. June 23. Additional date posted for soon-upcoming Wes tour. June 30. Dinner with Steve and Steve and Mary and Gary and Sarah. Then sat in on piano three (3) numbers (numeros) with Syd Straw at McCabe's. Up there also were Willie, Tony & D.J.
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