April 3
Mmmm lots. Mp3 files for "Sarah Gets a Haircut," Victoria & Co. performing "I Belong to the Band" on KCRW, and "Sweet Spot" from Russ's album of the same name available through the Romans and "Who's Whom" pages. A page put up for The House on the Cliff, with music. Pages of pictures for the John Wesley Harding + Jimmy Dale Gilmore, David Lewis and Philip Price/Josh Ritter tours up, plus better-looking tour diaries on account of bigger images. (See here and here.) Links being updated all around. More Lopez Beatles music, and various old layouts improved or just fixed. Saw Vinny Golia's Large Ensemble play Sat. night at REDCAT in the Disney Hall basement and Nels was there and the Greg Burks, that is Greg and Debbie Drooz and Lily and Bill Roper who I played w/ in Jill's band was playing the tuba, which he does. It's a damp day full of the showers that bring the flowers that bloom in May though of course the blooming here is well underway by March as mutely attests the photo above. Friday was my father's birthday he is 79 but none of us really believes it.

April 6
More music up on the Electrical Bananas page. More House on the Cliff. More photos up, including this one. I've made it through four days of not having to report for jury duty. What will tomorrow bring? Marti and Amy are playing McCabe's together 4/21, that's a fine pairing. Go-ahead from Beth to use the texts to the poems that go with the Poem Music.

April 8
Taxes. Sarah at Target w/ Karin and Lucas. New hub of music page put up, things I AM ON. Let's not forget why we're here. Have you visited Dag at his MySpace page? Well, do. He's got Dagmusic up all over it.

April 10
Karen's WBUR interview is archived at http://www.onpointradio.org/shows/2006/04/20060407_b_main.asp. With Patti Page and Fabian, too.

April 11
David's No Straight Line is available through EMusic at http://www.emusic.com/artist/11627/11627281.html, the groovy person's legal download one-stop. I've just discovered. I'm not saying Stuart Murdoch learned everything he knows from David Lewis, but David was there first w/ the goods, as this totally essential LP proves. I'm not saying that just because I'm on it. Also found Dag's Into the Woods there, at http://www.emusic.com/artist/11590/11590980.html. Come on people get clicking. Coachella DVD came in mail today, as appetite-whetter for coming rock fest I'll attend again at the end of this very month w/ Lopez Beatle Bruce, who lives there and in fact sold them their domain name. Features Radiohead, Pixies sets I saw the last time I went

April 21
More of everything up everywhere. Most of the texts for Beth's poems posted, some additional LBs, a Minus 5 track from Bumbershoot 2000, Wes tunes, look here and click. An image of the Bitchen Party 45 I stole from some guy selling it on e-Bay put onto the Lopez Beatles page. (I didn't bid, probably should have.) But w/ scanner coming soon should be able to make better version of same, plus more pix for me to enjoy and possibly you. Went away for Easter saw the usuals came back. Reported for jury duty but cut loose after two days, the only good thing about having been robbed at gunpoint yourself is they don't necessarily want you on an armed robbery case. I hear the streetsweeper sweeping the street. Lunch today w/ Marti and Amy, and delivering Kirk's Danelectro electrical 12-string guitar they're borrowing. Saw Red's studio yesterday and then went to Freakbeat and saw Tom and traded and came away w/: new Fiery Furances, Field Music, Drive By Truckers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Calexico, old Neil Young, Mothers of Invention. Tonight at McCabe's is the Marti and Amy show. Sunday is my mother's birthday. Too lazy to put links in this paragraph now, maybe later, and it's a work day after all bye. 


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