the 22nd. It's summer, and it's 2:03 a.m. Reviewing "Shaq's Big Challenge," though not at this moment, I'm writing this. When the sun comes up, not immediately, I'll go drop in where Van Dyke is conducting strings for a Danger Mouse production, possibly I'll go by subway. This for an Oxford American music issue piece. Tomorrow night Ojos de Brujo at the Water Garden probably and then Sarah has C.J. Chenier at McCabe's. Julie has a blog here. Steve and Linda are coming to visit, we'll have a party. Crinkle is having sleepovers even though Karin came back today w/ Lukas and Ava (Andy was already back) and shorter hair. Shaquille O'Neal is only four inches taller than Andy (I think). Lifetime is filming a book that Mary wrote, but they're changing it all around. Today there was a funny smell here (and gone). I cooked eggs for dinner and Sarah cooked potatoes but that wasn't the funny smell, that preceded the eggs and potatoes. Made 2 (so far) picture books via blurb.com (to call them "published" would be overstating the case), which you can buy if you're so inclined by going here though I don't expect you or anyone to. I'm going to do some dishes now then sleep.



the 29th. That Van Dyke story is done now, having been on and off an on. I am a face on Facebook, though it's not my face, it's a little plastic monkey. Zoe is in town, staging toward her first day at Scripps. We'll drag her to see Metric in just about a month. Last night was Crowded House at the Greek and the Minus 5 are in town Saturday. Spent a rare day wandering through the Times, and saw almost everyone I looked for, and others. Admired Chris's baby pictures. Talked pop crit w/ Ann. Job/band woes w/ Casey. Demanagement issues w/ Maria. The usual stuff w/ Janet. Books n things w/ David. Cats w/ Jeannine. Crinkle is here. Sarah is out.

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