April 2008.
14. Junked old free html editing and ftp programs for new free html editing and ftp programs, KompoZer and FileZilla. I think I'm satisfied. Time: it will tell. KompoZer the least buggy and friendliest interface I could find, though still as so often happens you need to outfox the Internet, Firefox declining to show the first image on a page (fooled it by adding an extra small dispensible graphic). Perhaps I will be more web friendly now. Writing retrospective tour diary in between all the other writing. Came back from that (tour), took nieces 8 and 11 to the Nick Kids' Choice Awards where they recognized almost no one, then (with addition of third niece, 18) to Disneyland. Got tickets to Tom Petty as Mudcrutch, Don Rickles, upcoming. Video of Metric live arrived in mail. Also CD of Kingsize Maybe, which I play on/was in, though I am not pictured which is possibly good for everyone. Steve and Linda and Kevin and Katherine are all getting married next month though not all to each other, or even at once.
15. Here are some tour-related things to click.
€ "Manhattan Fault Line" video, shot in Stuttgart, between sets and after show. Chris Cacavas is miming at the piano.
A video  of "Love Me Anyway," live in Ottersum, after a short Steve interview. A Foto-Galerie too.
€ The Ottersum concert to stream or download, in two flavors: soundboard and audience.
16.  And these, on YouTube:
"Tell Me When It's Over," from Belgrade.
"Boston" and "Burn," from Rome.
"Carolyn," from Reggio Emilia.
17. Here's a video of Kirk Swan singing "Blessing in Disguise" with the Steve Wynn combo on German television back in the 1900s. And look, there's Kurt Statham. (We were all on tour together just after.) Sat in unexpectedly last night with Duane Jarvis (and the Cinematics, including Steve Mugalian and Amy Ferris) at the Cinema Bar. Carl Byron let me play his Nord Electro, which he plays far far better than I ever could ever. But I still want one.
27. Coachella Saturday, Portishead the motivating factor. Great if grim. Mark Ronson put on a well drilled show w/ horns and strings and singers of various notoriety. (The guy from the Kaiser Chiefs was as notable as it got, unless you count the guy from the Charlatans, but they were never much famous here.) Kraftwerk back with their greatest hits but minus Florian Schneider; because the projections make the visual show their set works from a distance. Hot Chip were good in the big dance tent. I liked what I heard of the electro rock of 120 Days (from Norway, research reveals), they had an edge missing from many of the bands we saw thought I. Stephen Malkmus mildly diverting, funny between songs. Too far away from last-minute headliner Prince to really join his party, which included Morris Day and Jerome and Sheila E and looked like fun on the video screens. Bonus points: the easiest entrance and easiest leave ever. Drove home today then back out with Sarah/David/Carole for Don Rickles at an Indian Casino. His thing is not my thing, I hardly found him funny at all. But now I have done that thing. Right now downloading tracks from Tove Jannson's "Moomin Voices" LP to burn for Shelley who is in town and for all I know already has this record. It was hot in the desert but it is hot here too.
28. It turns out we missed Prince's clever covers by leaving before he did, but still they would have been tiny and remote. I am not horribly bummed. It's still hot here and no AC or cool breeze to make it otherwise, and me with work to do. I hear Sarah at the door. Tomorrow I make a rare trip downtown to the big office, where for four hours in a room with like trapped souls I will try to answer these questions from the Agents of Change:
What endings are present for you (now or in the future)?
What beginnings are present for you (now or in the future)?
Who will I be in the face of the neutral zone?
Your guess: as good as mine.

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