The Romans

first were Michael Uhlenkott, Juan Gomez, Pat Delaney and Keith Mitchell.
next were Michael Uhlenkott, Juan Gomez, Mikey Borens, Pat Delaney and Keith Mitchell.
finally were (left to right) Michael Uhlenkott, Keith Mitchell, Juan Gomez and Robert Lloyd, with the frequent participation of Chris Cacavas, and sometimes the in-concert assistance of Pat Delaney.

Michael and Juan wrote most of the songs. Michael sang and played mostly bass but also acoustic guitar and some keyboards. Juan played rhythm guitar and some lead guitar and sometimes played the bass and sang backing vocals. Mikey played the lead guitar until he left and was replaced by Robert who played the lead guitar after that, and also the mandolin. Keith played drums and sang backing vocals. Pat played saxophone and in Version 3 the pennywhistle. Chris played keyboards and accordion.

The Romans began as an instrumental punk-art-surf supergroup, relatively speaking, composed of members of the three most important bands of the "Pasadena" scene of the late '70s and early '80s. Michael and Keith came from Monitor, Juan from Human Hands and Pat from Bpeople. They made their recorded debut as one of four groups sharing an album called Color the Reality (Monsterface Records, 1982), and then with the addition of Mikey made You Only Live Once (Solid Eye, 1983), produced by Paul B. Cutler. The German edition (No Man's Land, 1984) adds two tracks recorded with Robert that point the way to the psychedelic country-rock of The Last Days at the Ranch (Down There/Restless, 1986), produced by Steve Wynn .

Listen to The Last Days at the Ranch

cleaves now to visual arts. See his fabric and wallpaper designs. 
Keith later played in Green on Red , Opal and Mazzy Star .
Juan reformed Human Hands with Dennis Duck.
Robert plays here and there. Check here or here for other stuff.
Chris is Chris Cacavas .
Pat was missing but now is less missing.

You Only Live Once has been reissued by Warning Label Records, with extra tracks.

Mark Takeuchi took the picture above.

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