The Romans' onstage debacles
    There were others. This is what I can prove.
    (Dates only for Romans mach III.)


September 1: Anti Club, with Phranc, The Lopez Beatles, Tom Recchion.
November 8: Charley's Obsession, with Opal and Glass Eye

anticlub flyer


March 16:
Texas Records.
April 11: BeBop Records (acoustic trio),
   with Red White Grey (later Field Trip)
August 23: The Voltage Lot,
   with Saccharine Trust, Savage Republic, Ten Foot Faces
September 19: BeBop Records,
   with Lawndale
October 9: Club Lingerie,
   with The Flaming Lips and Yo
October 11, afternoon: Reckless Records, San Francisco,
   with Mojo Nixon
October 11, evening: Berkeley Square, Berkeley,
   with The Flaming Lips and Mojo Nixon
October 18: Raji's,
   with Mojo Nixon and Ten Foot Faces
November: Variety Arts Theater,
  with Robyn Hitchcock

December 9. One West,
  with The Nymphs

lhasa flyer January 30: Raji's,
   with The Balancing Act.
June 6: Lhasa Club.
Last official performance,
   with Russ Tolman and Divine Weeks
September 9: Long Beach Museum of Art.
Minus Michael,
   with Keith playing guitar and singing lead.

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