august 29.

well. news i can tell you about here: tour is coming in october/november and i'll make it a little page soon, meanwhile there is wes's own website you can visit and pollstar too. west coast dates as of yet unconfirmed west coasters. words page updated. i see sarah and emily and sheila and karen and bethann and alison and alison and jeroen and wes and donna and bob and bob and teri and ruth and francine and paula and my mother and my father those are pictures i can see from here oh and also paul and bob and jean and alison (1) again also the i am in the midst of a kind of photographic expansion you may be up soon yourself it is nice to look at faces instead of screen of words always also there is a part of the railing not the bannister whatever holds the bannister up from the old original weekly dennis kicked out that was long ago now the whole place is carted off rubble. i have a column due and something else due. all the tom waits video interview segments (yrs truly the other voice) are up at . but they never did put out that cd we made. disappointingly. went to breakfast at the cafe du village i passed one of the waiters down on the corner and he shook my hand it seemed very french (was by definition i suppose he being that) if i turn around i can also see sarah (x5) steve mark kevin andy michael keith juan me. steve was here. saw him mary other steve in flesh. also bunny rabbit. also tim and artist girlfriend name unfortunately escaping me but very nice. starts with an l? it will come back to me.