Chicago. Schuba's. Thursday, the 4th of May, 2000.
Mr. John Wesley Harding, vocals and guitar.
Mr. Robert Lloyd, as parenthetically noted.
The power. The glory. The humidity.


Goth Girl
Roy Orbison Knows
Bad Dream Baby
Ordinary Weekend
Peeling Bark
After The Fact
The Secret Angel
Humble Bee (piano)
Cathy's New Clown (piano)
In Paradise (piano)
Still Photo (mandolin)
The People's Drug (mandolin)
Our Lady Of The Highways (mandolin)
The Window Cleaner (mandolin)
Save A Little Room For Me (accordion)


Goth Girl
Sussex Ghost Story
Little Musgrave
Red Rose & The Briar
Too Much Into Nothing
The Devil In Me
Rice Paper (by and with Dag Juhlin)
People Love To Watch You Die (piano; Dag on 2nd guitar & beegees)
Cupid & Psycho (mandolin)
Old Girlfriends (accordion)
One Night Only (accordion)
Things Snowball (accordion)
I'm Wrong About Everything (piano)
Spaced Cowgirl (piano)
Same Piece Of Air (mandolin)
The Window Cleaner (mandolin)
Window Seat (mandolin; Dag on 2nd guitar & beegees)
Scared Of Guns (electric bass; Dag on lead guitar; Jim Earley, drums)
A Very Cellular Song, excerpt (accordion & beegees;
Dag on bass & 2nd vocal; Deanna Varagona, guitar; Chris Mills, mandolin; Jim Earley, drums)

The Window Cleaner is by George Formby.
A Very Cellular Song is by The Incredible String Band, but some of it is traditional.