John Wesley Harding Chicagothon May 2000
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John Wesley Harding, guitar and vocals, bass guitar (5/5)
Robert Lloyd, piano, mandolin, accordion, bass guitar, brief uncustomary warbling 

Non-Wes gig: April 30: Deanna Varagona's Gospel Jubilee at The Hideout.
    RL sitting in on accordion. Ms. Bethann Hester: brownies and
     ice cream.

May 4: Schuba's. With Deanna! And late show hijinks with
    Dag Juhlin. Click me.
    Deanna set: DV: guitar and vocals. Jim Earley: drum and vocals.
     RL: electrical bass guitar.

May 5: The new traditional split evening with Dag
    at The Hideout.
    Behind the bar: Ms. Anastasia Davies
May 6: Unitarian Church of Hinsdale. With Chris Mills opening.
   Pre-gig high tea prepared by Mr. Stace (Welsh rarebit) and Ms. Sachs (cucumber sandwiches).
May 7: CSPS Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Plus Dag! (at left)
    Post-show wind-down at the Left Banke. Southpaws comped one drink. Good neanderthal jukebox.
May 8: First Annual Decompression Tornado Watch BBQ and Be-In
    Mr. Stace: Meats & poultry and Gin bucks; Ms. Hester: Asian salad (lime zest by Mr. Lloyd);
    Ms. Sachs: Vegetable melange; Ms. Treger: Hot fudge. "God": Thunder & lightning.