Late addition coffeehouse show tonight, Wednesday, with Kingsize Maybe (the Gary Eaton project)
at Kulak's Woodshed.
And in rock mode August 30 at the Ivy Room in Albany, CA
and August 31 at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. It's a tour!
(They're also playing Saturday at Taix but w/o me I'm not here.)
Fleshpot plays August 28 at El Cid, 4212 Sunset Blvd. in the Silverlake district.
Gary's also got something going in Sept. at the Echo.

Sam Lapides (ex-Ghosthouse) sent CD of 4 songs I played on, not yet for selling.
2nd Times TV review was in last week. Now I'm up late writing the 3rd.
 David Lewis has put pictures I took of him on tour up on his handsome website.
Making a page of direct links to my L.A. Weekly TV criticizing. Incomplete but operational.
Link to 1999 Credibility Gap profile added here.
 Unsure of level of personal involvement in Thursday's Fleshpot show. But it'll be worth seeing in any case. Also upcoming: Kingsize Maybe at the Echo in Echo Park, September 21.

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