01-25-02: Fidel
01-11-02: Senior Year
11-27-01: Best of 2001
11-02-01: Enterprise, Smallville, Adult Swim
10-19-01: Alias, UC: Undercover, The Agency, Thieves
10-05-01: Undeclared, The Ellen Show, The Merchant of Venice
09-07-01: Band of Brothers
08-24-01: Samurai Jack, Sister Wendy's American Collection
08-10-01: Changing Stages
07-27-01: James Dean, The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells
07-13-01: Invader Zim, The Lost World
06-28-01: The Wizard of Oz, An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson
06-15-01: The Mists of Avalon, Witchblade
06-08-01: Six Feet Under, Spyder Games
05-04-01: Further Tales of the City, All Souls
04-20-01: Food Network
03-23-01: Second Sight, Street Smarts, Doc
03-09-01: The Chris Isaak Show, Cold Feet, Grounded for Life
02-23-01: Traffik, 100 Centre Street
02-09-01: Survivor, Temptation Island, The Mole
01-26-01: The Division, Three Sisters, Dark Angel
01-12-01: Jazz, Elvis: That's the Way It Is - Special Edition
12-29-00: Top Ten 2000
11-02-00: The Geena Davis Show, Bette, That's Life,Welcome to New York
10-20-00: Gilmore Girls, Ed
10-06-00: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Grosse Pointe, Girlfriends
09-29-00: TV violence, network charades, the ineffectual FFC
09-08-00: Survivor, Moyers on Dying, A Force More Powerful,Hendrix
08-25-00: Bull, Bash, Last of the Blonde Bombshells, The Sandy Bottom Orchestra
08-11-00: Election coverage, Big Brother, High Noon, The Darkling
07-21-00: Race Against Time, They Nest, Ratz
07-07-00: Survivor, Totally Circus, Nuremberg, Nancy Marchand
06-23-00: La Boda, Resurrection Boulevard
06-09-00: The Real World 9, The 1900 House
05-25-00: On the Beach, Dirty Pictures
04-28-00: Blind Date, Crush, Friends and Lovers
04-14-00: The Corner, Jailbait
03-31-00: Freaks & Geeks cancellation rant; God, the Devil and Bob
03-17-00: The Beat, Cover Me
03-03-00: Relic Hunter, Cleopatra 2525, Jack of All Trades
02-18-00: Malcolm in the Middle, Brutally Normal
02-04-00: Belfast Maine
01-21-00: Egg The Arts Show, Culture Shock, Classic Arts Showcase
01-14-00: Millennium coverage, Central Park
12-31-99: Top Ten 1999 
12-08-99: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Greed, A Christmas Carol
11-24-99: Law & Order SVU, Angel, Snoops
11-10-99: New York: A Documentary, RKO 281
10-27-99: The West Wing, Third Watch
10-13-99: Freaks & Geeks, Popular, Roswell
10-06-99: Action, Animal Farm
09-15-99: CBS-Viacom merger, Allen Funt, Cornerstone, A Slight Case of Murder
09-01-99: An American Love Story, Happy Face Murders, The Hunger
08-18-99: Strange Justice, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, You Know My Name
08-04-99: Downtown, Random Play, Lenny Bruce
07-21-99: Tom Green, Dick & Paula Celebrity Special, Bonnano, Restless Spirits
07-07-99: Corpus, The Hunley, The Living Museum, Home Page, Mary Jane Colter
06-23-99: The Three Little Pigs, The Green Monster, The Hoop Life

06-16-99: Beggars and Choosers, The Chimp Channel, The Bowery Boys 
05-26-99: The Passion of Ayn Rand, Inherit The Wind, That Championship Season
05-12-99: A Lesson Before Dying, Rocky Marciano, Wild City
05-05-99: Thug Life in DC, Totall Recall 2070, Mary Cassatt
04-14-99: The Jack Bull, Black Tar Heroin, Home Movies 
03-17-99: Earthly Possessions, The Devil's Arithmetic, Strange World
03-03-99: Dare to Compete, Private Dicks, The PJs, Dilbert
02-25-99: Passing Glory, Free of Eden, Lansky
02-03-99: The Planet of Junior Brown, Zoe et al., The Journey of Allen Strange, So Weird
01-20-99: The Sopranos, Heat of the Sun, Mississippi: River of Song
1998 in review
12-23-98: King of Queens, Brother's Keeper, Jesse, Maggie Winters, The Hughleys
12-16-98: Cupid, Brimstone, Seven Days
11-25-98: Aldrich Ames, Winchell, Houdini
11-11-98: Oh Baby, Maggie, Felicity, The Powerpuff Girls
10-28-98: Anatomy of a "Homicide," Sports Night, A Solider's Sweetheart
10-14-98: Eat the Document, Freak, Halloweentown, Africans in America
09-30-98: That '70s Show, Rolie Polie Olie
09-16-98: The Farmer's Wife, Olivier retrospective
09-02-98: Memorial
07-08-98: Everything That Rises, My Own Country, Barbie Nation

06-26-98: 14 Up in America, Kelly Loves Tony, When Trumpets Fade
03-18-98: Evidence of Blood, Hollywoodism
03-11-98: Moby Dick, The McCourts of Limerick
02-18-98: Prey, Bug Juice, Paley Fest, 4 Little Girls
02-04-98: Golden Globes, Gia
05-16-97: American Visions
12-27-96: Cronkite Remembers
10-04-96: Channel Zero, Listening at the Luncheonette, Oliver's Travels

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