September 4..Back from Seattle yesterday. Oh that was fun. And I got to be in the Minus 5 for an hour. Straight from LAX to to party at Matt's. Beach! Free food! Free drinks! I knew Margy, Kristine, Pete and mostly and longest Byron. September 5. Anniversary dinner at Boxer, run by old neighbor Steve. Mmmgood. Studying keyboard parts for upcoming fall-jinks.
September 7. The boys of autumn convene for a first rehearsal. Say hello to Kevin, to Kirk, to Chris, and there's me of course and the singer fellow September 9. Boubacar Traore in a living room. Sarah working hard, doing the meet and greet, circulating comestibles. Kevin came, had fun! Spoke my amusing French w/ the calabashist, I guess you might call him. Still rehearsing.
September 10. Instore misadventures. The whole gang went down but Long Beach law sez: Only two persons instoring at one time. Switched off no. 2 position w/ Kirk. Kev and Chris (he ordered the Pesky Tacos next door) shopped only. September 12. Added a picture here.
September 14. Listening to Chris's new concept EP "2 Cool 2 Be 4 Gotten" and gee it's pretty brilliant. Today I didn't shave. Penultimate rehearsal, it's going fine. Don't worry! Mailed a book. Emptied the trash. Did this. September 15. Last rehearsal. Some surprises for the fans. Covers so obscure they make Formby look like Madonna. BBQ at Kirk's w/ salad and spuds prepared by Mr. Stace.
September 18. Quite by surprise saw mi amiga Melanie Hoopes in a review tape of the new Larry David HBO series and a pleasanter surpise there could not be. She rocked! Made a page of pix, a central station of images (by ME) from around this big rambling site I call mine. They will take you to where they rightly belong. September 25. Double dating last night on Kevin's invite to the Brian Wilson Pet Sounds w/ orchestra semicreepy yet sometimes persusasive tableau vivant at the Hollywood Bowl (where long ago I saw the Beach Boys play my first rock show -- at the Hollywood Bowl). Sarah made sandwiches. And look! There's Dennis Duck and Tom Recchion.
September 26. Page made for August's tourfun. Also: many new and empowering links have gone in throughout this particular neighborhood ("Tourism"); watch for significant alterations in type color. September 27. A page for the legendary Oslo "Magic Box" show has been posted for your perusal. Arrived in the mail: a copy of the Da Capo Best Music Writing 2000 book, ed. Peter Guralnick, which reprints my Tom Waits L.A. Weekly cover story from last year. That is an exciting thing.
September 28. Last night in TV-critic capacity participated in a panel at the Museum of TV & Radio on images of Los Angeles, feeling tiny -- other panelists included the guy who created Columbo, the guy who created The Rockford Files (and 77 Sunset Strip and The Fugitive and a million other shows you know), the guy who created Moesha and the guy who wrote the "yada yada" and "spongeworthy" episodes of Seinfeld. And, you know, me. I chimed in anyway, did OK. !-August page
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