October 1
Copies of the new Appleseed reissue of Awake arrived a couple of days ago I forgot to say with extra track (extra-special track among other extra tracks) featuring Wes and me and Mr. Bruce Springsteen live at McCabe's many long years ago. Not yet available in stores.
October 4
An interesting morning in Burbank. Including but not limited to free coffee and red vines. Back home: Made a page for the upcoming big rock tour.

October 6

Additional material added to this informative page regarding old combo The House on the Cliff. Updated fall tour info. And how are you today?

October 11

More updating on that tour thing. Late with the column. Scooter asleep in the dryer. (The door is open.) A talk with Bubbles. More on that later.

October 13

Up all night, no sleep for me. I hear voices. No just spots. But now I am finished, mostly, with what I had to stay up all night to do. Waiting now for man with TV box. Where is he? Additions to this page and to this page, too.

October 18

Tiring week I don't really want to talk about it. Skip supplied a lost date (11/8/85) for the Romans performance page, you Romans fans might want to check that out. New tour information on the new tour page.

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