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May 10: Back from Chicago. Barefoot as I type. Muchos besos para Bethann, Sheila, Deanna, Jim, Dag, Chris, Lissa, Anastasia y Linda and don't forget Carson with shout-outs to Randy in (or near) Madison and Keith on merch. On the box: Junior, new from The Slugs (featuring Mr. Juhlin). Never did see Kelly. No banana pudding for me. And on another subject completely, or nearly, do check out Shelley Jackson's new Ineradicable Stain. May 11: The big old hairy Freaks and Geeks cover story I wrote for the Weekly is out now. Angelenos may acquire copies at better coffeeterias and shoporiums while supplies last; for the rest of you there's the online, which version won't stain your fingers inky black but watch out for that eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dag, there are 2 new old columns (7-19-86, 11-6-86) up on the Today page. Now if anybody wants me I'll be at lunch. Later that day: Hockney camera lucida portraits in Westwood w/ Sarah, Janet. A Manhattan not up to the standard of Soul Kitchen's. Dinner somewhere dessert somewhere else. May 12. Was Friday. Was lunch with Broadway John K. That Japanese place that was threatening to open up on Larchmont made good on its threat. Was Dennis's photo show downtown where I hadn't been in years. Mr. Pat O'Neill in the house. May 13. Burned two bagels just now. One then another. So it's just coffee for me this morning. The tears flow like wine. (But don't get you drunk.) (Though I suppose can be intoxicating in their own way.) (Can't they?) (Oh, they can.) Morning maniac music: Giant Sand's The Rock Opera Years, courtesy Ms. Sachs. Later: Freaking and geeking at the MTVR. May 14. On the 14th of May/At the dawn of the day, I was still asleep. El dia de las Madres + belated cumpleaños. Fun in the Valley, then a look at the new casa de Alison, at whose personal request this sporty little number has been added to the ever expanding Today column page. Now I'm tired and hearing things good night. May 15. Photos applied to the Chicagothon report, with added details added partially I must admit to fill out the page and partly to make sense of a picture but no less "interesting" for that. You must see this. May 16. This, got to by that. Don't miss the Formby link. Coffee with David was today's real good thing. Lopez Beatles fans rejoice: The lyrics of "Mr. Man" are posted for study and perusal. May 17. Is it May 17 already? Good god where does the time go? Afternoon gabbing (for pleasure and publication) with awesome novelist and avowed Today column fan (from back in the day) Carolyn See at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Carolyn saw a ray you know like a manta ray. What did I see? I saw the sea. (Except it was the ocean.) Sent a postcard. Today's drink is ??? May 18. Continuing one of those late night work nights that blends one day into the other. Do we see a pattern emerging? Today's drink is tonic water (to guard against the malaria). Sent four postcards. Maybe one to you! You'll just have to wait and see. There are, you will be blown away to hear, three more Lopez Beatles lyrics up: "Lopez Beatles on the Road Again," "Things Are Going My Way" and that old favorite, the grandaddy of all Lopez Beatles songs, "Secret Prize." (Also known as "The Secret Prize.") Three cheers for Mr. Rhodewalt, who writed them. A picture of Chris Wink's dog has been added to last month's news. May 19. Melanie Hoopes rocks. July tour page takes its first baby steps. May 20. In a rare hometown appearance played accordion at a benefit for the hippie school where goes young Frances Freeman, daughter of Lopez Beatle Doug. Met Dave "Gruber" Allen, Mr. Rosso of Freaks and Geeks fame, who performed, as did The Ducks Breath Mystery Theater, who really do have ducks' breath, and Tenacious D, who really are tenacious. A time was had by all. A mostly complete list of appearances by the Lopez Beatles has been added to these pages. Relive those days with us! Where were you on August 16, 1984? May 21. Now the Romans too have had their (also incomplete but probably close) performing life rendered in binary code that looks like type. Pizza w/ the Koneffs ends the day happily. May 23. A depressing day mysteriously (or not) but am listening now at 7:35 p.m. to Dag Juhlin's superboss homemade anthology House Music (his Scoop, I'm sure Dag wouldn't mind my saying) and it's turning depression to melancholy, and if you understand just how that's a good thing you and I will get on fine when we meet. Meanwhile you could write him at and get yourself a copy and also a copy of the trenchantly mordantly witty Tri-County Sampler, which is for reading not listening. Though you could get someone to read it to you and listen.Yesterday I was afoot killing time in Hollywood. Tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland. May 25. Whoop whoop mail's in. I can see it sitting in the mailbox right through the window I can see through from where I sit because that is the window between where I sit and the mailbox as Mojo Jojo might put it. It could be thomething thpecial just for me. Or just the usual damn mail. Later: David drops by, we go for coffee. More (most? all?) dates added to the July touring page. Make your vacation plans accordingly. May 26. Dinner with the nabes. Reorganized thoroughly the organization of the Words section for efficiency and future growth. May 27. A work of unpublished semihumorous fictional short prose-poetry somewhat in the style of Today composed in spare moments of work avoidance several years ago and heretofore seen by more than a quarter-dozen humans (a half-dozen human eyes) has been added to what is now the Miscellany section of the restructured Words sector. May 28. It is Memorial Day weekend and we are being industrious and lazy. May 29. Everything true for yesterday is true for today. May 30. Hanging with David and Buster over on the boulevard drinking coffee and talking with the young and the old. Everybody loves a puppy. Revisions made to the July tour schedule. Citizens of Carrboro, Asheville, Asbury Park, rejoice.